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La Forma 5498 IRA Contribution se envía generalmente por su Fiduciario IRA para reportar su actividad IRA al IRS. También obtendrá una copia de este formulario.

Información reportada en el Formulario 5498 indica lo siguiente:


If you were the President or the Secretary of Treasury how would you help the Latino entrepreneur grow their business? 

Currently the average size Latino business is lower than the non-Latino business.  It is a $1.3 trillion opportunity gap.  Why aren’t Latino businesses growing at the same pace?

There will be an estimated 4.23 million Latino owned firms by 2017.  Close to half of Latino business owners are millennials (ages 18-35) and half hold at least a 4 year degree.  Data shows that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well.  About 70 percent of Latino firms are owned by US born Latinos.

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By Kpay @ Square – Posted February 7th, 2017

I recently sat down with Tony Martinez and Carlos Lopez from the Latino Tax Professionals Association. They gave me a lot of great tips for business owners about preparing taxes. Keep reading for more on common mistakes, tips for tax season, and access to a small business packet to get you started.



WASHINGTON — As millions of people begin filing their tax returns, the Internal Revenue Service reminded taxpayers about some basic tips to keep in mind about their refunds.

During the early parts of the tax season, early filers are anxious to get details about their tax refunds. And in some social media, this can lead to misunderstandings and speculation about refunds. The IRS offers some tips to keep in mind.



WASHINGTON — A medida que millones de personas comienzan a presentar sus declaraciones de impuestos, el Servicio de Impuestos Internos (IRS) les recuerda a los contribuyentes algunos consejos básicos acerca de sus reembolsos.

Temprano en la temporada de impuestos, algunos contribuyentes quienes ya presentaron su declaración se sienten ansiosos pues desean obtener detalles acerca de su reembolso. Frecuentemente, y en algunos medios sociales esto puedo resultar en malentendidos y especulaciones. El IRS ofrece algunos consejos para tener en mente.

February 01, 2017

Small Business Packet


Dear Small Business Owner,

You have chosen to provide products and/or services to the public. We were all beginners at one time. We hope this packet provides you with a useful summary of what you need to get started. Starting your own business, applying for a business line of credit, purchasing rental properties, etc., can be confusing and puzzling. 

In this packet we have included a Things to Do Checklist, an Income and Expense worksheet, a Forecast Worksheet and some helpful websites. We highly recommend that you seek professional help from a local Enrolled Agent, Certified Public Account or attorney who specializes in small business matters. Ask your friends, family or fellow business owners if they know someone who has helped them. The cost of a competent professional is an investment in the long run. 

This packet is not intended to replace the help you can get from qualified professionals; instead, it is intended to guide you through the maze of local, state and federal agencies to help get you started.

Latino Tax Professionals Association’s mission is to provide knowledge, community and professionalism to all business owners who serve the Latino market. We have been preparing tax returns and representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service for over 35 years. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions at 866.936.2587 or

To download the Small Business Packet, click here.