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Take Steps Now for Tax Filing Season

 Get ready today to file your 2016 federal income tax return. Changes for the tax filing season include ITINs, delays in refunds and validating your electronically filed return. 



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WASHINGTON ― The Internal Revenue Service announced today that the nation’s tax season will begin Monday, Jan. 23, 2017 and reminded taxpayers claiming certain tax credits to expect a longer wait for refunds. 


The IRS will begin accepting electronic tax returns that day, with more than 153 million individual tax returns expected to be filed in 2017. The IRS again expects more than four out of five tax returns will be prepared electronically using tax return preparation software.


Many software companies and tax professionals will be accepting tax returns before Jan. 23 and then will submit the returns when IRS systems open. The IRS will begin processing paper tax returns at the same time. There is no advantage to filing tax returns on paper in early January instead of waiting for the IRS to begin accepting e-filed returns.


 The Internal Revenue Service today urged any taxpayer with an expiring Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) and a need to file a return in  the upcoming filing season to file a renewal application in the next few weeks to avoid refund and processing delays. In addition, the IRS encouraged people to check their renewal application, Form W-7, carefully before filing and offered tips for avoiding common errors being seen.

La sección 203 de la Ley PATH presenta los requisitos para emitir los ITINs. La provisión requiere que las personas con ITINs emitidos antes de 2013 renueven sus ITINs en un horario en segmentos entre 2017 y 2020. La provisión también determina que un ITIN se expira si la persona no presenta una declaración de impuestos por tres años consecutivos. Finalmente, la provisión manda que el Departamento del Tesoro y el IRS estudien el proceso actual para emitir ITINs con la meta de adoptar el sistema para el 2020 que obligará a todos los solicitantes a que presenten su solicitud en persona.

November 18, 2016

ITIN Breaking News

Section 203 of the PATH Act layouts the requirements for the issuance of ITINs. The provision requires that individuals who were issued ITINs before 2013 are required to renew their ITINs on a staggered schedule between 2017 and 2020. The provision also provides that an ITIN will expire if an individual fails to file a tax return for three consecutive years. Finally, the provision directs the Treasury Department and IRS to study the current procedures for issuing ITINs with a goal of adopting a system by 2020 that would require all applications to be filed in person.