PTIN Update 10.5.2011


Effective this week, PTIN applicants will see new questions on the online PTIN system.  All new applicants will need to answer questions to identify whether they are a "supervised preparer" or "non-1040 preparer".  Individuals who are a supervised preparer will need to enter the PTIN of their supervisor.


These changes are in preparation for the upcoming PTIN renewal season.  More information about the renewal process will be available the week of 10/17.


Note:  2012 PTIN issuance has not begun.  Any new PTINs issued currently will expire 12/31/11.  But any individuals who prepared returns for compensation in 2011 and have not yet obtained a PTIN still need to obtain a 2011 PTIN.   

10/20/2011 UPDATE!

--PTIN fee is $63

--Next Steps after PTIN renewal  -

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