Hey Tax Pro!

Grow your business, get organized and save time, all while automating your tax office.  Thanks to technology and tools, you can now do more than you ever could before.  There are ways that you can attract more potential customers, follow up with them better to turn them into customers, and then turn them into raving fans.  The best part is that many of the these things can be run by automation.


Como propietario único, cada minuto y cada dólar importa. Lo último que necesita es pagar más impuestos de lo que debe. No importa el tamaño de su negocio yo siempre recomiendo que se incorpore para proteger sus activos personales. No arriesgue perder su casa por un problema en su negocio.

Si es propietario único, puede optar por una LLC de un solo miembro o una Corporación-S de un solo miembro. ¿Cuál ahorra más impuestos? Bueno, depende de cuánto dinero gane.


As a solopreneur, every minute and every dollar matter. The last thing you need is to pay more tax than you have to. No matter the size of your business, consider incorporating to protect your personal assets. Don’t risk losing your home over a business mishap.

As a solopreneur, you can choose to organize as a single member LLC or a single member S-Corporation. Which one saves the most tax? Well it depends how much money you make.


In the tax industry we deal with a lot of personal information such as; social security numbers, credit card numbers, personal information of our kids, and much more. What if someone hacked into your office database and gained access to all your client’s information. What would you do? Most likely you will call your I.T. department.


No se deje engañar, la reforma de impuestos no está cerca… ya llegó.

La gran reforma de impuestos de la administración del presidente Trump, cuyo nombre es “Jobs Act”, nos afectará significativamente hasta el 2025, tanto a los individuos como a los negocios de manera permanente. Cuando digo “nosotros” me refiero a la clase trabajadora y profesional de Nueva York.

marketing stock

Marketing, the process in which a good or service goes from an idea, to a product or service, and to the end customer. In marketing there are four pillars, known as the four P’s of marketing; product, price, place, and promotion. A business can have a great product, but without marketing, how are people going to find out about the product or service, and ultimately how are they going to purchase. Marketing is the heart of any business, market your product properly and favorable results are likely to happen. Here are a few good examples; petrock.com, chia.com, iwanttodrawacatforyou.com, and there are many more examples out there.